10 Best Goose Creek Candles

This article focuses on the 10 best candles from Goose Creek. It will evaluate the candles on the basis of their quality, quantity and aesthetics.

Furthermore, this article will help you decide the best out of all the Goose Creek Collection.

1. The Warm Crunchy Cone Candle

goosecreek The Warm Crunchy Cone Candle

This candle is basically what our childhood dreams are made of. The candle is an ode to summer days in which getting an icecream cone was pure joy and bliss.

This candle has tried captivating the essence of a waffle cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream- basically the perfect summer day.

The stronger scents of the candle include waffle cone, vanilla, whipped butter and cream while the milder notes hit to the classic flavors of cinnamon and warm spices

My Pros With This Candle:

  • You can relive your childhood summer dreams just by turning on a candle.
  • This will help you to avoid any unhealthy summer cravings as you prefer smelling and reliving the moment through the fragrance.
  • Moreover, the fragrance will also give your room and home a unique and captivating feel that will be different from the basic candle fragrances.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Not everyone is a huge fan of such smells. Some people may even associate the fragrance to unhappy moments in their life.
  • Moreover, cinnamon may get too overwhelming for some.

2. Citrus and Basil Aromatherapy Candle

goosecreek Citrus and Basil Aromatherapy Candle

This candle is for all the grumpy risers out there. Hate waking up in the morning?

Can’t get out of the bed? This is literally what you need to start your day with. The candle is a blend of citrus and basil extracts infused together to form the perfect blend between the two.

Citruses are known to weave in a feeling of freshness and hope and kickstart your brain. Who doesn’t like a refreshing house that feels like lemons and oranges. This candle is for you.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • The candle is known to elevate your living space by incorporating the cheerful scent that reminds of sunny days and warm weather.
  • Citrus fragrances are known to ease the symptoms of anxiety and greatly reduce any signs of frustration and mood swings.
  • Moreover, the fragrance also aids to boost mental and emotional energy.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Some found it too overwhelming.
  • The citrus and the basil were basically a miss for few people and they preferred individual scents more than this union.

3. Fresh Air and Sea Salt Aromatherapy Candles

goosecreek Fresh Air and Sea Salt Aromatherapy Candles

The world does get a little suffocating at times. Million deadlines, work commitments and family struggles tend to strangle us at times.

In such a scenario we definitely need a little time to unwind from the daily struggles and the hefty chores. This candle is a perfect way to destress with a cup of coffee and some light reading.

The fresh air and sea salt combination is a mixture of different unique scents which includes sea salt, moss, driftwood and citrus.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • It can act as a perfect evening tea companion.
  • You can always rely on this candle to help you rest from a long tiring day.
  • The scents are known to ease your nervous system and ease tension.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Some people may not prefer the smell of moss as some may find it immensely staggering and strong.
  • Moreover, if you live in a rainy area, you may experience the same smells on an everyday basis.

4. Sweet Shop 3 Wick Candle

goosecreek Sweet Shop 3 Wick Candle

Want to travel the world and experience the scents and smells of every country but do not have the budget, nor the time or space to travel, this candle may be the perfect fit.

This candle is an experience of a lifetime and tries grasping the scents of sweet and doughy shops in Belgium.

This is a certain wintery fragrance and will take you to the streets of Belgium. The prominent scents include warm caramel, baked nuts and creamy vanilla.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • This candle is a walk in through a baker’s dream world.
  • If you love baking and are a fan of all the associated smells, this candle is for you.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • This may target a very small consumer range as most people do not prefer such scents.

5. Red Velvet Cupcake Candle

This again is a baker’s fantasy world. The red velvet cakes are a unique combination of cocoa, vanilla and flour. These three combine to form a unique experience for all the bakery and dessert enthusiasts.

If you love indulging yourself into rich and creamy desserts, this candle is the right pick for you. The candle also gives Christmas vibes based on the aesthetics.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • If you are a fan of bold pieces, this candle should be your top pick.
  • The candle not only stands out as a great decoration piece, giving color to your area but also smells great.
  • It is undoubtedly great value for money.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • This may be a hit for a tiny segment of population.
  • Some may find the color too loud and unappealing.

6. Goose Creek Vanilla Bean Candle

goosecreek Goose Creek Vanilla Bean Candle

Who doesn’t like vanilla? Vanilla is known to be one of the most universal flavors.

Due to its great compatibility with multiple other scents and flavors, vanilla is the top choice for many households and offices.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • If your place contains many different scents then burning a vanilla candle will help you to unify these scents together.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Plain vanilla may sound somewhat boring.
  • Even the packaging of this candle is a little basic but all vanilla fans will obviously prefer it over anything else.

7. Creek Tranquil Rainforest Aromatherapy

goosecreek Creek Tranquil Rainforest Aromatherapy

Have a thing for rainy forests? Love the rain and the smells associated with it? This candle will transport you to a land of mushy rainforests and muddy aromas.

This scented candle is a collaboration between the strong wildflowers and ginger tree. Both the smells are known to be extremely beneficial for the mind and soul.

The fragrances are known to calm down any feeling of discomfort and detach you from worldly affairs. The prominent notes include Jasmine, Citrus, Honeysuckle and wildflowers.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • If you are a fan of water and all the smells associated with it, grab this candle right away.
  • Not only is the color appealing but also smells great. It can even act as a cute jar.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • The smell of rain and water may bring back some traumatic memories.
  • Moreover, the candle claims to bring an essence of creek tranquility, however, it misguides as its key ingredient is the scent of ginger tea.

8. Jungle Pebbles Candle

goosecreek Jungle Pebbles Candle

We all have been obsessed with some kind of cereal in our childhood. This candle tries to bring back the memories associated with our childhood.

The packaging of the candle is extremely nostalgic and brings back the memories of childhood. This is your chance to romanticize your childhood by burning a cute and fruity scented candle.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • Brings back all the childhood memories of a go-to school breakfast.
  • The candle is curated with much love and effort as the base is made up of sugared cereal notes and powdered sugar.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Spending $20 on a candle that smells like basic cereal may not be a top choice for many consumers.
  • Many would just prefer getting a cereal box instead.

9. Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Candle

goosecreek Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Candle

If you love sugar and cinnamon, this combo is for you. The blend of cinnamon sugar and milk has multiple childhood memories attached for everyone.

We all recall school mornings where we had to quickly eat a bowl of cereal before leaving for school.

This candle will take you back to those days and your house will smell like cinnamon and sugar- Literally nothing seems better than this.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • Our mind has associated a sweet memory to certain foods and thus, such an aroma will only trigger parts of our memory that will give us a good feel of those old school days.
  • Moreover, the sweet scent will ensure that your house smells somewhat different yet unique from others.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • Cinnamon may be a favorite for many but some people may really despise the scent of it.
  • Moreover, spending $20 on a candle that smells basic won’t be everyone’s first choice.

10. Leather Scented Candle

goosecreek Leather Scented Candle

Leather? Sounds expensive. You may like the smell of fine leather as it may give you a sense of fulfillment and gratification of owning something expensive but would you prefer smelling leather 24/7 in your house. Sounds risky.

My Pros With This Candle:

  • It is definitely a unique smell to test.
  • Some may instantly fall in love with the cedarwood base of this scented candle.

My Cons With This Candle:

  • This may sound too risky and bizarre for many people.
  • Many would prefer opting for safer options that may help them to unwind and relax.