Bringing Candles on a Plane: (What You Should Know)

This is a guide covering whether you can bring candles on planes.

You are packing your bags for your weekend getaway.

While packing, you see your favorite vanilla and bergamot scented soy wax candle lying there on your bedside table.

You badly want to pack it in your luggage. But you are doubtful if you can carry candles on a plane since they are manufactured to be flammable.

One candle addict to another, we have all been there!

Here we are today, bringing forth everything you need to know about bringing candles on a plane.

Can You Bring Candles on a Plane?

According to the guidelines published on the Transport Security Administration (TSA) website, TSA allows passengers to carry solid candles in the checked-in as well as carry on bags.

candle on a plane

TSA doesn’t impose any restrictions on the packing or quantity of solid candles in your luggage.

Candles such as pillar candles, taper candles, votive candles, birthday candles, etc., can be carried on the plane as long as they are solid.

Do you also have gel candles? Those cute candles with wax that almost look like delicious Jell-O, that you are tempted to bring on the plane. Are you worried if you will be allowed to carry them?

According to the information published by the TSA, you are allowed to bring your gel candles in checked-in language but not in carry-on language due to the regulations on gels and aerosols.

Can You Bring Soy Candles on a Plane?

The short answer is, yes.

Are you one of those people who want to carry your favorite scented soy wax candle as a part of the home to avoid that homesick feeling on your trip?

Soy candles are easy to carry, vegan-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We can’t blame you for wanting to carry them on your trip.

But are you confused because soy wax is made of hydrogenated soy oil and you aren’t sure if it falls under the solids or liquids category?

Although soy wax candles can turn into liquid at one point in their life cycle, as long as they aren’t too old and are in solid shape, you can happily bring the candles on a plane either in your hand luggage or check-in luggage.

Can Candles Go Through Airport Security?

Yes, as long as they are solid candles and not gel ones. Gel candles must be carried only in checked-in luggage.

According to the TSA guidelines, gift-wrapped candles must be unwrapped or wrapped in bubble wrap or clear tape and left for a security check.

Do not wrap them in a gift wrap before the security check. They might stop you and check it before letting you through the security check.

Goes without saying, do not light the candles on the plane.

Check with the airlines you are travelling if you are carrying lighters or matches to be sure of the luggage restrictions and regulations.

Can You Bring Sparkler Candles on a Plane?

Sparkler candles, unlike other candles, may contain some explosives. They are forbidden in carry-on as well as check-in luggage since they fall under the explosive category.

Can You Bring Liquid Candles on a Plane?

Are you wondering what liquid candles are? Liquid candles are candles in glass jars with liquid paraffin or wax in them.

Since they fall under the liquids category, the TSA candles rules are different from solid or gel candles.

If you are carrying the liquid candles in the carry-on luggage, you must follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for the carry-on luggage.

This rule states that you are allowed to bring liquid candles on the plane in travel-sized containers of size 3.4 oz or 100 ml. All of these should fit in a quart-sized bag.

If they are of a size more than 3.4 oz, then they have to be carried in the check-in luggage.

Do Candles Count as Liquids on a Plane?

Other than the liquid candles, none of the other kinds of candles is counted as liquids.

Solid candles won’t be counted as liquids, not even soy ones.

Gel candles fall under the category of gels and aerosols. So they are regulated and can’t be carried in hand luggage.

During the security check, place all the glass jar candles unpacked to not risk being stopped and checked.

How Do You Pack a Candle in a Suitcase?

If you are bringing candles on a plane, the safest way to pack them is to carry them in your carry-on luggage as the check-in luggage is hustled around often.

Wrap your glass candles in layers of bubble wrap to prevent any breakage. Remember to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, in case you are carrying the liquid candles in the carry-on luggage.

If you are bringing them in your check-in luggage due to the size restrictions, make sure that they are packed properly in multiple layers of protection and place them in between the clothing to prevent any damage due to the heavy jostling that happens with the check-in luggage.

Always pack your candles in airtight, ziplock bags. This is an added layer of security just in case the glass candle jar breaks due to environmental, temperature or pressure fluctuations.

After all, who wants broken pieces of glass and spilled wax scraps all over their clothes?

Can You Carry Wax Melts? Do the ‘TSA Candle’ Rules Apply to the Wax Melts?

This is a bit confusing. Although wax melts are very identical to candles, they aren’t the same. So, you have to be careful while bringing them on the plane.

It depends on the consistency of the wax or wax products you are carrying. If these products can be sprayed, squeezed, spilled or pumped, they fall under the liquids category.

They must be carried in travel-sized bottles, like other liquids. You must follow the TSA liquids rule.

If they are solids, they can be carried in either carry-on or checked-in luggage.

Final Remarks

Maybe you bought a beautifully scented candle on your trip to gift to your SO or maybe you would like to carry it as a personal souvenir back home from your trip or you want to carry your scented candles to the trip, as long as they are solid, you are good to bring your candles on the plane. If they are gel ones, you can’t carry them in your hand luggage.

Next time you are packing bags, remember these TSA candle rules and pack accordingly. If you have any further doubts, refer to the official website of the TSA (

You can also ask your questions on their very prompt replying Twitter handle @askTSA.

We wish you a safe journey and a happy vacation!