Candle Color Meanings: What Each Color May Mean to You

As Einstein said, “Everything in life is Vibration.” Every single thing in the universe has energy and vibrates at one frequency or another.

So do colors.

Each color carries a different energy and has a certain frequency. You have raised your vibration with candles without the knowledge of candle colors.

Ever wondered why you feel energized and alert when you see red? Why is every stop sign painted in red?

Why do we feel happy when we see the blue sky or blue seas? Why does the white color symbolize peace? I hope we convinced you that colors have meanings.

If you are a candle enthusiast, it’s high time that you learn about the candle color meanings. After all, you can show off this newfound wisdom in front of your guests at the next party you throw at your house.

If you are a witch or a warlock, you already know how important candle colors are and how they help you manifest your dreams.

Let us help you take a trip down the candle magick and the vibrational changes the candle colors bring.

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is the process of harnessing the vibrational energies of the colors and the element of fire to invoke a magical response from the universe.

Why use candles for healing? Fire carries vibrational energy. Fire is the symbol of transformation.

Colors have been used for healing purposes for ages. Using color as a form of medicine is called chromotherapy.

Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Chinese, and Indians have used chromotherapy to heal certain ailments.


Egyptians and Greeks used dyes, ointments, and salves of various colors for healing. Indians believe in a spiritual concept called Chakras.

Chakras are concentrated spots of energy located along the length of the spinal cord. They believe that these seven chakras of seven different colors impact the overall well-being of the individual.

We can safely conclude that colors have been a part of healing for ages. Ever wondered why candles have been such an integral part of any spiritual practice or witchcraft!?

What do the Different Candle Colors Mean?

Are you a witch trying to manifest or perform a spell? Or are you a candle lover who is trying to provide yourself emotional and physical healing using candle magic?

Whatever purpose it may be, what matters the most in candle magic is setting the intention with the candle color.

Candle color meanings differ depending upon the traditions – the school of thought, type of practices, etc. We have put together a cheat sheet with a guide for candle color meanings for easy reference.

Red Candles

Red, being the color of the longest wavelength, is a very powerful color. Red is a physical color. It signifies passion, bravery, pride, willpower, vitality, energy, etc.

red candles
red candles

Red candles are useful for casting love spells in witchcraft. Red stimulates the sense of urgency and action. It also stimulates lust, sexual energy, and fertility.

Blue Candles

Blue is the color of the mind. Blue color brings serenity. Darker blue colors stimulate clarity while the lighter blues bring a sense of calm.

blue candles
blue candles

They are useful in performing spells or rituals related to meditation, healing, forgiveness, connecting with the higher self, promoting loyalty, etc. They are also used to set an intention to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

Yellow Candles

Yellow is a cheerful color and is one of the strongest psychological colors. In many cultures, the yellow color is an integral part of auspicious occasions. Yellow candles are also believed to bring positive career changes.

yellow candles
yellow candles

As yellow is a cheerful color, it is useful for gaining trust, friendliness, loyalty, etc., If you are feeling low, lonely, or depressed, light up a yellow candle and see the positive mood changes it brings.

Green Candles

Green falls in the middle of the light spectrum. This brings balance to life. Green also symbolizes nature.

green candles
green candles

Many cultures believe green to be a symbol of prosperity. This stems from the fact that the green color and harvest season are closely associated. Green color influences connection to nature, balance, spiritual healing, etc.

Green candles also promote affection, health, universal love, and equilibrium.

Violet or Purple Candles

Violet is a color of expansion. It is useful for awakening the third eye chakra (for enlightenment), enhancing psychic capabilities, intuition, healing, etc.

purple candles
purple candles

Violet candles are believed to be healing for people who suffer from stress, insomnia, and depression. You can enhance the meditative experience using violet candles.

It is a color of introspection. It promotes deep thinking and positive changes. If you need to expand yourself in business or spiritually, light purple candles and set the intention.

Orange Candles

Since orange is a combination of both red and yellow colors, it influences both the physical vibrations like the red color and the emotional vibrational energy like the yellow color. Best of both the worlds isn’t it!?

orange candles
orange candles

They influence physical comfort factors such as food, warmth, shelter, sensuality, and sex. Orange candles bring joy, awareness, attraction, confidence, and inspiration. If you are an artist and experiencing a creative block, light a few orange candles and awaken your artistic genius.

Pink Candles

Pink, being a tint of red, signifies the tender aspects of the physical aspects of red. Red promotes intense aspects such as lust and passion. Pink promotes subtle aspects such as connection, intimacy, and gentleness.

pink candles
pink candles

Pink is a softer color. It promotes emotional tranquility, warmth, and tenderness. Pink candles are used in love spells. But pink candles signify true connection, pure, and unconditional love.

Black Candles

Black is the combination of all colors put together. Black candles signify protection. They are lit to ward off evil spirits, spells, curses, etc. They are useful for repelling negative energy from others.

black candles
black candles

They signify an end. People use black candles to express grief. This is why some cultures use them for funerals.

They are also useful to achieve a deeper meditative state.

White Candles

White signifies purity, peace, and a sense of tranquility. People light white candles for prayers, to spread hope, warmth, and all positive vibrations.

white candles
white candles

White candles are used to reinforce positive energy. They also enhance insight and provide more mental clarity.

How Did These Candle Colors Get Their Meaning?

Most of the candle color meanings have been derived from traditional and cultural sources.

For example, most of the candle color meanings in Western culture are derived from Native American and pagan influences.

Whereas the candle colors in the Eastern culture are derived from ancient Chinese and Indian Hindu scriptures.

The candle color meanings were a by-product of exploration of early humans, psychological associations with colors, ancient scriptures, common observations among a group of people, influences of nature, religion, culture, art, folklore stories, etc.,

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

Each day of the week is ruled by a celestial body. For example, Sunday is ruled by the Sun, while Monday is ruled by the moon.

It is believed by the witches, energy healers, and spiritual enthusiasts that each color is associated with a planet, thereby, a day of the week.

People believe that lighting the candle of the particular color associated with the corresponding day of the week is considered beneficial for manifestation. Here are the candle colors associated with each day of the week:

  • Sunday – Yellow, Red, Orange. (ruled by the Sun)
  • Monday – White (ruled by the Moon)
  • Tuesday – Red, Pink (ruled by Mars)
  • Wednesday – Purple (ruled by the Mercury)
  • Thursday – Blue (ruled by Jupiter)
  • Friday – Green (ruled by Venus)
  • Saturday – Black, Indigo (ruled by Saturn)

Candle Colors for Healing Purposes

Color therapy is a holistic therapy that uses colors (in the visible spectrum of light) to improve the physical and mental well-being of a person. We all know that light is perceived through the eye.

But alternative healing practitioners also believe that color can also be perceived through the skin, as colors are a part of the visible spectrum of light.

As different vibrations of light enter our body, they are capable of altering our hormones, thereby promoting health benefits. Colors are known to be used for healing people suffering from psychological disorders and mood disorders.

As candles are soothing and have become an integral part of the self-care regime, candles play a crucial part in healing.

candles for healing

Yellow candles are used to brighten the mood. They are very helpful in healing stress, lethargy, and depression. Blue candles have a soothing presence. They are used to heal anxiety and to lower blood pressure. Green candles promote a sense of balance and well-being.

Using the Right Type of Candle for Your Intentions

Most people have a misconception that magic happens out of the blue. But the truth is candle magic is all about setting an intention and focusing on the intention with the will. Candle flame symbolizes will. Candle colors symbolize the intention.

Most of the energy healers say that the right type of candle for your intentions is the one that feels right for you. Focus on your intention.

Close your eyes and see what color is coming up for you. Whichever color feels right for you is the right candle color to set your intentions.

It is quite empowering and intuitive to light a candle that feels right for you rather than lighting up a candle of a particular color because someone said so.

Final Remarks

Now that you know all about the candle color meanings, you are good to begin your manifesting journey. Buy a few candles of different colors. Choose the right candle. Set your intention. Focus on your goals. Manifest your dreams. Get ‘lit’ on that candle magic.