Choosing Romantic Candles: Everything You Need to Know

This is a guide covering romantic candles.

Candles have been used to set the ambiance and mood for ages.

Be it a romantic candlelight dinner or a cozy night at home, candles are the perfect accessory to set the mood for a good romance.

Why do you think candles have been romanticized to such an extent in books and novels?

What is a Romantic Candle?

Human bodies are sensitive to light. Light affects the functioning of the nervous system and the hormones that are released.

Have you observed that the harsh lighting increases irritability while warm and soft lighting brings a sense of calmness?

Candles have a natural warm glow which soothes the nervous system and sets the right tone for the romance.

Likewise, the fragrance also plays an important role in stimulating the brain.

Romance is nothing but the stimulation of your sensory nervous system and a release of a few feel-good hormones.


There’s enough scientific evidence that fragrances affect memory and emotions. We all have experienced this, at least at one point in time.

The smell of an apple pie pulls us into a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Or the fragrance of a loved one’s perfume!

The ancient Indian scripture called ‘Kamasutra’ describes how scents play an important role in sensuality and seduction.

Egyptian queen ‘Cleopatra’ was known for using various fragrances to seduce men.

Now you know that the fragrance plays such an important role in setting the mood.

Candles, aside from being a warm source of light also come in a variety of delectable scents. The warm light and the delightful scents make the candles so romantic.

Why are Candles Considered Romantic?

“Those eyes, chico, they never lie.” Heard this line right? You might also have heard that the pupils dilate when you have feelings for someone.

Candlelight can cause the pupils to dilate, sending those romantic signals to the other person.

This is the reason why restaurants swear by the romantic candlelight dinner ideas.

candlelight dinner
candlelight dinner

The soft glow cast by the candlelight also limits the focus to the other person sitting in front of you.

This removes the unwarranted distractions of the surroundings. This helps in spending an intimate night. Candles are considered romantic because they create a level of intimacy.

The fragrances also spice up the mood. The romantic candle scents act as aphrodisiacs, promoting romance and sensuality.

Research has proved that certain scents such as grapefruit, cinnamon, jasmine, etc., stimulate the senses and enhance mood or arousal.

Is a Candle a Romantic Gift?

As we have already established, scents are very personal. Imagine gifting someone a romantic scented candle of their favorite fragrance!

What would make a better personalized romantic gift?

This shows that you have put a good deal of thought into gifting your loved ones and didn’t pick something in the store next door.

You can gift one favorite fragrance or buy a candle with two or more of their favorite fragrances. This would make the receiver so happy.

Doesn’t it feel like gifting two gifts in a single package?

Candles also are a huge part of self-care routines. They have gained a great deal of popularity in the self-care industry.

Gifting someone candles is romantic because it shows that you care for them and also you are effectively encouraging them to pamper themselves.

What Are Some Romantic Scents?


According to ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda, sandalwood possesses soothing and calming properties.

Sandalwood candles are light yet soothing scent that has a woody, fiery scent.


The effectiveness of a scent as a romantic aphrodisiac depends on how slowly they evaporate and how long they linger on the skin.

Vanilla scented candles are considered romantic candles because they linger for longer durations on the skin and reveal themselves throughout the evening.

Vanilla also gives that edible and tangible effect on the audience.


Jasmine scent is an exotic scent that has a sweet yet woody fragrance.

Research backs that jasmine scent increases the sexual drive and boosts the sensual experience.


Patchouli has a woody scent. This has the strongest aphrodisiac properties because it stimulates the hormone receptors.

Patchouli’s scent is sophisticated and sensual. It was especially popular among the free-spirited hippie crowd.

Blood Orange or Grapefruit

The scent of citrus fruit is proved to be a mood enhancer.

It has an invigorating aroma that promotes sexual desire.

What to Look For in a Romantic Candle?

This depends on what kind of romantic setting you are planning to use the romantic candles in. If you are using candles for a romantic candlelit dinner, it is advisable to choose unscented candles.

Scented candles may interfere with the aroma of your dinner. So, limit the use of the scented candles after dinner.

For romantic candlelight dinners, use candles such as candelabra and taper candles as they have a romantic aesthetic look. You can also use votive candles or jar candles for a cozy, home feeling.

If you are planning to surprise your loved ones after a long day of work, choose romantic candles with soothing scents such as lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, etc.,

If you are looking to spice up the romantic life in beds, use musky, heady scents such as musk, vetiver, amber, etc.,

You can also never go wrong with edible scents such as chocolate, apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.,

If your partner is into floral scents, go for scents such as rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, etc., After all, what sets a better mood for romance than flowers?

We would like to provide the best sensory and sensual experience to the customers.

Final Remarks

“Love is in the air,” they say. When you light a candle, add the warm ambiance to the room and the aromatic fragrance wafting through the air, maybe love is in the air.

Add a hint of surprise, sweetness, tenderness, spice, and joy to your love life by amping it up lighting up romantic candles.

We promise that it would be worth your time and effort.