Gwyneth Paltrow Vagina Candle: Why is She Selling This?

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known movie star. She has been known for her films including “Ironman” which caught the public eye. The actor has been one of the most influential celebrities and wanted to extend her influence to the public, one step more. She is the CEO of Goop which is a lifestyle brand.

The celebrity needs to come up with creative marketing ideas in order to influence the general public around her. During her recent interviews, she steamed up many questions related to the “It Smells like my Vagina” candle. The Gwyneth Paltrow Candle has been exceptionally successful in catching the public eye.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Candle is not only a simplistic scented candle that smells really nice but also has a deeper meaning to it. Gwyneth talks about this in one of her appearances, “This candle is really like that provocation to say like, ‘It’s amazing to be a woman in every way. It’s amazing to have that kind of power and you deserve to have that agency.”

Who is Gwyneth Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, writer, and model who has worked in many successful movies and shows. These have allowed her to reach the top of her fame game eventually leading to her bagging multiple awards including the Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award.

Not only has she been able to win awards in her acting career, but, four of her cookbooks have been the number 1 New York bestselling books in which she shares her love for cooking with her family. She later founded her own beauty and lifestyle company named goop. This is where and when she introduced her scented candles which took the internet by storm. Moreover, goop began as a weekly newsletter for her immediate social circle.

Today, goop is known for its woke and uplifting products for women. The product line includes fragrances, body products, skincare, and vitamins. The goop has been influential in terms of talking about things that were considered taboo. The goop has now expanded to multiple horizons including “The Goop podcast”, “In Goop Health”, “Goop Lab” and “Goop Press”.

The leading stores are located in Los Angeles, London, and New York City. Gwyneth is also an active member of many charities. She takes activism extremely seriously and has even tried incorporating women’s empowerment through her products.

Why did Gwyneth Paltrow create a vagina-scented candle?

This smells like my vagina sounds like a ridiculous candle but the birth of such an idea came by accident. Gwyneth Paltrow describes it on the show “Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesdays” in the following words: “So it sort of started as a joke. I was with the [perfumer] Douglas Little for his brand, Heretic and we were kind of messing around and I smelled this beautiful thing and was like, ‘This Smells like my Vagina!’.”

Gwyneth wanted to name her candle something really out of the box yet wanted to interact with her customers in a way that would convey a message beyond the usage of the product. She knew how using the word vagina was forbidden and even joked about how she must have been on mushrooms while naming the candle.

Her exact words are, “I think women, a lot of us, have grown up feeling a certain degree of shame around our body or whatever. So this is a little bit of a subversive candle for all of us out there.” This candle can be described as something bold, exciting, sexy, and “beautifully unexpected scented”, exactly what the customers wanted.

What is the “This Smells like my Vagina Candle” made of?

To imagine a vagina-scented candle does not sound too appealing. Many people have classified this as fake marketing where the smells of vaginas have been excessively romanticized.

However, Gwyneth was extremely successful in surprising her fan base with a candle that not only sounded unique and bold but smelt exciting at the same time.

The goop website claims that this candle contains, “geranium, citrusy bergamot and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask Rose and ambrette seed..”, sounds fun. It is astonishing to realize that the candle smells nothing like the real vagina but the word vagina adds to the bold yet enriching experience of using such a candle. The candle has tried to produce a hybrid of fantasy, seduction, and sophisticated warmth.

The candle costs around US $75 for a bottle of 10.5 oz. The candle tried to grasp the humanly possible essence that has been trending for a while now. Multiple fashion companies such as Glossier even tried to tap into the idea by introducing a perfume named You. This perfume was an embodiment of the smells of skin and gave a personally curated touch of one’s own self.

Where can you buy Gwyneth Paltrow’s Candle?

The candle has been the talk of the town since the start of its launch. It has stirred a series of conversations and ideas. The candle can be found anywhere in the US, UK, EU, and Canada. Even though this is bad news for people outside these localities, people who are in the US can try for themselves.

You can get your hands on the product while ordering it from goop’s website. The site also provides the option of 4 interest-free payment options in installments. Moreover, you can also get these from goop labs situated in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Final Remarks

The candle has been quite successful in causing a trend in the perfume and fashion industry. The Gwyneth Paltrow Vagina Candle almost sold out instantly as people were extremely amused by the product. However, the candle is more of a marketing tactic. Some people have claimed that this product smells nothing like a vagina and may even mislead people into thinking that the vagina smells all fruity and bold. The body positivity could have taken a wrong turn as well.