How to Light a Candle Without a Lighter: 5 Simple Ways

This is a guide covering how to light a candle without a lighter.

You’ve drawn your bath or cosied up in a corner with your favourite book.

You’re about to light your candle to add to the perfection of the moment, only to realise your lighter does not work anymore. Such a scenario would be a bummer for anyone!

But, fret not! There are a number of ways you can light a candle without a lighter.

5 Ways to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

This article lists all the ways to light a candle without a lighter, with increasing levels of difficulty.

Whether you are out of power at home or on a camping trip with no lighters or matches, there is always a way to light a candle!

1. Matches

Matches are the most commonly used alternatives to lighters when it comes to lighting candles.

light candles with matches

Reasons being they are widely available and straightforward to use. Chances are they will already be available in your house. So, if your lighter stops working, you can immediately get a match stick.

However, using matchsticks is quite inconvenient as compared to using a lighter. Since matches have to be discarded after a single use. Moreover, some even might say that lighting a candle using a lighter is much easier.

Matches also present a hurdle when there is little candle wax left and the opening of the container is too small for you to put your hand in.

To overcome this issue of cramped space, there are other methods that you can use.

2. Heating Elements

These are the next best alternatives to use after matches to light a candle.

Heating elements inside your house may include a stove burner, oven, space heater or even a toaster!

Amongst these, the most commonly used equipment is a stove burner.

How To Light a Candle With a Gas Stove?

Turn on the gas stove and touch the wick of a skinny, long candle to the flames. It should immediately catch fire. Then use this candle to light the other candle(s). This should overcome the issue of the cramped space.

In case you do not have a long, skinny candle to use as a makeshift matchstick, you can use a piece of uncooked, dry spaghetti.

Simply bring it into contact with the flame and it will instantly catch fire. You can then use it to light the other candle(s).

You must be cautious while using spaghetti because it burns quickly and this could burn your hand!

3. Magnifying Lens

This method is a little complicated and can get tricky to perform. A major limitation of this technique is that it can only be performed when there is abundant light.

So, if you’re trying to light a candle in the middle of the night with no power, this technique will be of no use to you.

For this method, you only need two things: magnifying glass and a piece of paper. Once you have both these items, you need to use the magnifying glass to focus the light on the paper, until it catches fire. Then, use this paper to light the candles.

If you are performing this technique, for the first time it is quite possible that you will take some time. You may have to change the angle of the magnifying glass multiple times for the paper to finally catch fire.

A trick to get the right angle is to continue changing the angle of the magnifying glass until you see a bright spot of light on the paper!

It is very important that you keep the magnifying glass in the same angle for some time. This allows the paper to heat up sufficiently, which eventually leads to the paper catching fire.

As a precaution, make sure the piece of paper is not too small. Otherwise, your hand may also burn when the paper catches fire.

4. Battery and Foil

This method, too, can be complicated. Although, if you’re outdoors and don’t have any other options, this method can be a savior.

All you need is a battery and some tinfoil. The battery can be AAA, A, C, or D- anything you can get your hands on!

Then, follow these steps to light your candle.

  • Cut a ¾ inch of tinfoil. It should be twice as long as the battery you are using.
  • Fold the tin foil in half.
  • Shape the folded end into a point, which is approximately ¼ inch wide.
  • Unfold the tinfoil.
  • Hold each end of the tinfoil to the battery terminal. Place both ends on the candle wax.

Now, the middle section of the tinfoil should warm up instantly. It will be hot enough to light your candle!

5. Flint

This method to light a candle can also be especially helpful when you are outdoors, for example on a camping trip.

All you have to do is strike the flint against something that contains iron. This will likely be a metal object, such as a non-galvanized metal tent stake.

Continue to rub the two objects vigorously against each other. Consequently, it will create sparks.

So how do you light a candle? You can keep a fireproof cup filled with paper in front of you. Additionally, make sure you rub the flint and metal object near the paper.

As a result, the sparks will touch the paper and it will catch fire. You can bring the wick of your candle near the paper so that you can light the candle!

Be Careful When Lighting Candles (Safety Hazard – Do At Own Risk)

While each of these methods is effective at lighting candles, they carry a safety hazard.

This safety hazard is mainly concerned with the usage of fire. While you are lighting the candle, there is always a risk that you may burn yourself!

It is important that whenever you are lighting a candle, you are extremely vigilant and careful so as to not burn yourself.

The safety hazard continues even after you have lit the candle! It is essential that you remember to extinguish fire from the device you used to lit your candle.

For instance, if you used a matchstick or burning paper to light your candle, make sure they are no longer burning once you have already lit your candle!

Leaving these items burning may lead to items nearby catching fire, which may lead to a serious fire hazard!

Final Remarks

There are various ways to light a candle without a lighter! It’s just a matter of choosing which one’s right for you.

This depends on what resources you have available and which methods you can easily perform.

Remember, if you don’t have a lighter, it doesn’t mean you can’t light your candle and have some quality time!

We hope this article was informative for you.