What is a Peach Candle and How Are They Made?

There is a reason people use peaches to write song lyrics. There’s nothing better than eating and smelling a fresh peach!

Is there any way that we can bottle up the scent of those peaches all year long? Yes, there is. You get what you seek.

What is a Peach Scented Candle?

Are you a candle newbie? Would you like to know what a peach-scented candle is? Well, let us first explain how scented candles are made. Regular unscented candles are made of wax without any added fragrances. To make a scented candle, the candle manufacturers add fragrance oils or essential oils to get the required scent.

what is peach candle

A peach-scented candle is made by mixing fragrance oils of peach scent with the wax. There are a variety of peach-scented fragrance oils in the market. Depending on how you want your candle to smell, you can add fragrance oils. You can also mix two or more fragrance oils to get the desired scent.

Usually, to make peach-scented candles, people prefer fresh peach fragrance oil, ginger peach fragrance oil, fragrance oils with peach and vanilla combined to achieve a peach and cream scent, peach fragrance oil with lime and bergamot oils, etc., The possibilities are endless.

Supplies Used for Making Peach Scented Candles:

  • Wwax flakes
  • Fragrance oils or fragrance oil blend of peach scent
  • Glass jars
  • Premium wicks
  • Wick clipper

Why Soy Wax Makes Peach Scented Candles Smell Better?

Soy wax comes from a renewable source (hydrogenated soybean oil). Soy wax candles produce cleaner burns. They hardly emit any toxic pollutants, unlike paraffin wax candles.

Due to this, the scent is stronger as the other toxic emissions do not interfere with the scent throw.

They also burn for 50-70% longer time than paraffin wax candles. Longer burn times imply longer fragrances. We manufacture our peach soy wax candles from 100% soy wax to ensure better fragrance and quality.

Process of Making Peach Scented Candles

Take the wax flakes in a pot and heat them over medium heat. Keep stirring the wax with a wooden stirrer.

Add a candle dye to the molten wax to give the desired color. We usually use peach-colored dye or orange-colored dye for peach soy candles.

Remove the wax from the heat source. Measure the temperature of the wax using a thermometer to make sure that the temperature of the wax is less than the flashpoint of the fragrance oils. This step must be done before you add any fragrance oil.

Add fragrance oil to the molten wax. Add the fragrance oil according to your requirement of how strong the scent should be. The general rule of thumb is to add 0.5 ounces of fragrance oil per pound of wax for optimal scent throw.

Add the fragrance oil of peach scent or the blend of peach and other scents and stir it for two minutes to mix it in the wax uniformly.

Place a wick in each glass jar. Ensure that the wick is longer than the glass jar in which you are going to pour the wax. Tape the wick to the bottom of the glass jar using a wick tab.

Hold the wick in place by tying it to a wooden chopstick or a pencil. Pour the molten wax into the glass jar.

Pour the wax into the glass jars with utmost precision to ensure the best quality of each candle. Let the wax cool down for 30 minutes to one hour. Trim the wick to one-fourth of an inch with the wick clipper.

Ensure that each candle is cured for at least three days before use.

Why are Peach-Scented Candles Popular?

A lot of people love peaches and the summery scents the peaches have. It makes them feel nostalgic. It is only natural for summer lovers to crave a whiff of summer while they are lighting the candles.

Candle manufacturers have got what people want. They tried to present the fragrance of the juicy peaches in the form of a candle.

This is how peach-scented candles originated. They grew popular as people started loving the peach candles in various flavors – peach cream, ginger peach, peach Margherita, peach nectar, tropical fruit, etc.,

Who wouldn’t love to light a lovely, little candle that smells of summer and stimulates their senses?

What are the Notes in a Peach Scented Candle? (How Does it Smell)

We keep hearing the word notes in a lot of conversations when it comes to scents and fragrances.

First, let us understand what the word ‘notes’ means. The word notes are used to describe the scents that are released when you burn a candle.

There are three kinds of notes – top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The most volatile fragrances are the top notes while the least volatile ones are base notes.
For a regular tropical peach-scented candle, the top notes are of raspberry, coconut, lime, etc.,

The middle notes are of peach. The base notes are of vanilla and sugar.

Fun Facts About Peaches

  • August is celebrated as National peach month in the USA.
  • Peaches and nectarines are twins.
  • Peaches are a kind of stone fruit.
  • Georgia has been nicknamed ‘The peach state’. No wonder Justin Bieber got his peaches from Georgia!
  • “The World’s Largest Peach Cobbler” is made every year in Georgia. The cobbler measures 11 feet by 5 feet.
  • Peach trees produce fruit for about 12 years.
  • Peaches are fuzzier twins of nectarines. Nectarines have smoother skin than peaches.
  • True wild peaches are only found in China. They are smaller, sourer, and fuzzier than the cultivated ones.
  • China is the world’s largest producer of peaches.
  • Romans used to call peaches, ‘Persian apples’.
  • The term “you’re a real peach” originated from the fact that people used to gift peaches to express that they liked that person to who they are gifting the peach.