What is a Courting Candle? History of Courting Candles

In this article, we’ll discuss what a courting candle is and its history.

What is a Courting Candle?

A courting candle is a type of candle that was traditionally used by young couples during the courtship process. The candle was lit by the girl’s father when the couple began there hangout or meetup (we can call this a date).

courting candle
courting candle

When the suitor of his daughter arrived, the father lit a candle in the sitting room where they talked. It was time for the suitor to depart when the candles burned down to the top of the metal.

However, based on how comfortable he felt about the suitor, he might raise or lower its height causing a longer burn time. Essentially adding more time to the timer.

It’s like putting parental controls on your daughter’s date.

Now the big if on the courting candle is whether this type of “candle” was used solely for this purpose. Some believe it wasn’t meant solely for that, but that type of candle and design is most known as the “courting candle.”

What was the Purpose of a Courting Candle?

The courting candle served as a subtle yet strong reminder to the suitor to conclude his date.

But as mentioned, if the father liked the suitor, he may raise the candle up so it can burn longer, and vice versa if he didn’t like the suitor.

When Were Courting Candles Popular?

Courting candles were popular in the 17th and 19th centuries. They eventually lost popularity as electric lights became more common in households.

Are Courting Candles Still Used Today?

Courting candles are no longer used today but you can find them at some antique stores and shops.

For example, you can find courting candles on Amazon that last up to 80 hours!

How Were Courting Candles Made?

Traditionally, a courting candle begins with a mandrel and formed by winding hot steel around and around several times.

To see how a courting candle is made in action, we recommend this video by LeRoi Price: