Why Are Candles So Expensive? What Makes Some Expensive

This is a guide covering why candles are so expensive.

There is nothing more relaxing than lighting your favorite candle after coming back home from a long day.

The scent instantly soothes your body and puts you at ease! No one will disagree with that, right?

However, to enjoy the best scents there is a downside. It is a real bummer for most- the cost. Candles can be so expensive! And it gets you wondering if candles really are worth the buck.

Although there are cheaper alternatives available, are they really the ‘good’ quality candles?

If you’ve frantically been searching on google to see if spending $$$ on a candle is worth it, you’re in the right place!

This article addresses anything and everything related to the question: why are candles so expensive?

Why are Some Candles So Expensive?

Candles come in all shapes and sizes, as well as, at all kinds of costs! So, why are some candles so expensive?


The matter of the fact is that while candles are mostly made up of wax and fragrance, obtaining good quality waxes and fragrances is not straightforward at all!

Firstly, the type of wax present in inexpensive and expensive candles is not the same! The low cost, drug store candles are made of paraffin wax.

This type of wax is derived from petroleum, which although is a non renewable resource, is widely available.

Needles to say, it’s inexpensive, which keeps the total cost of the candle down!

But, should you buy paraffin wax candles in the first place? If you’re looking for a candle that:

  • Does not compromise your health
  • Is vegan and cruelty free (such as soy wax candles)
  • Lasts longer

Then a paraffin wax candle is not the right choice! For it does not fulfill any of the above criteria.

However, plant based waxes, such as soy and beeswax candles do! You must keep in mind that these plant based waxes are expensive! And rightfully so.

Let’s take the example of beeswax and soy wax. To make only one pound of beeswax, you need around eight pounds of honey!

And eight pounds of honey is expensive! Now, regarding soy wax- converting soybeans into wax is a long process. It involves producing soybean oil first.

Then, this oil is converted into wax via hydrogenation.

So, given the high cost of raw materials and extensive production process, it only makes sense that plant based waxes will drive up the total cost of the candle.

Coming to the scents of the candle- these can be expensive too! Depending on the quality, of course.

Lastly, the jar itself contributes to a significant portion of the total cost too! From producing the jars, to shipping them, it all requires $- again, adding to the sales cost.

Is it Worth Buying Expensive Candles?

Back to the primary question- so should you or should you not spend so much on buying candles?

Candles, especially the more expensive ones, are a luxury. And luxuries can be expensive. Especially if you choose to get a good quality luxury product.

So, if you want to enjoy an exquisite candle experience, then yes, it is worth buying expensive candles! It is all about the experience, and expensive candles sure do give you a supreme experience.

Inarguably, candles can lift the ambiance of any space and make the environment a 100% more enjoyable!

Whether it be for a romantic dinner or inside a study room, lighting a candle makes you feel immensely better. And you can’t put a price on that feeling, can you?

Even if you are not focused solely on the experience, do buy the expensive one! Because expensive candles provide much more than just experience.

They don’t compromise on your health in any aspect. For example, soy candles are clean burning candles and don’t emit excess carbon as is the case with paraffin candles.

Moreover, expensive candles tend to be environmentally friendly too! Living in the era of the climate crisis it is essential that no activity harms the environment.

Even if it’s just burning a candle which is not environmentally friendly, it must be avoided at all costs!

What Parts and Material of the Candle Make it Expensive?

The main parts and materials include:

  • Candle Wax
  • Fragrance
  • Wick
  • Jar
  • Packaging

1. Candle Wax

Any candle wax, besides paraffin wax, is expensive to produce.

These waxes usually consist of plant based waxes (such as soy wax candles) and play a significant role in driving up the candle cost!

Plant based waxes tend to be expensive because the raw materials used and the production processes are costly!

Needless to say, these candles provide a wide range of benefits!

2. Fragrance

Fragrances can be divided into two categories: artificial and essential oils. Candles sometimes consist of either one or a combination of both.

Candles that contain essential oils tend to be more expensive.

And that is obviously because essential oils are expensive!! Anyone who’s gone to buy essential oils knows how much a tiny bottle costs- it’s a lot!

For the users to actually be able to smell the essential oils, manufacturers need to add a lot of the oils! As a result, candle costs increase immensely.

3. Wick

You may be wondering if wicks can really increase the price of the candles?

The good news is, they don’t! Even if some larger candles have more than one wick in them, their higher cost isn’t a result of the many wicks.

It is due to the large amount of wax and fragrance used in the candle!

4. Jar

Apart from the cost of producing a fancy jar, jars result in high transportation costs.

They are the most bulky part of the product.

In fact, they make up almost one fourth of the total cost because of their weight (higher weight translates to higher shipping costs).

5. Packaging

It’s always the packaging that catches the eye, doesn’t it?

This is why most companies tend to spend a lot on the packaging to make sure the product attracts customers! Unfortunately, doing so results in an increase in the candle costs.

Why is Soy Wax the Best?

This is the candle suggestion! Soy wax- always buy a soy wax based candle. Always! Now, why should you do that? Why is soy wax the premium choice?

While some would only focus on the cost element of the candle, there is a lot that soy wax has to offer!

Yes, buying a soy wax candle can be pricey, but rest assured, it’s for good reason!

Producing or burning soy wax does not put the environment in harm, in any way!

Nor does the production of soy wax involve ‘cruel’ practices on animals in terms of testing. In fact, soy wax is completely vegan since it is produced using soybeans!

Soy wax candles are also slow and clean burning candles. They burn slowly owing to soy wax’s lower melting point.

As a result of this property, soy wax carries scents better! Due to the heat emitted from the flame, a large pool of liquid wax is created from which the scent is slowly emitted.

Soy candles are referred to as clean burning candles because they do not emit any petro-carbon soot.

This type of soot is extremely dangerous and has physical effects on one’s health. Studies have associated the development of asthma and lung cancer with this type of soot.

So, I think you will agree now that soy wax is, indeed, the best!

Final Remarks

We hope this article was informative for you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding candles and their pricing.

Remember: candles are always worth the buck!